Marcela Gómez

Marcela Gómez is a visionary, communicator and hands-on entrepreneur, producing revenue opportunities for clients

while generating relationships and business solutions across cultures and national borders.

Specializing in the Latino Market

HMG specializes in marketing and public relations strategies that relate appropriate and compelling messages to the Hispanic consumer markets in their own culture, language and communication styles.  Through HMG, we connect clients with the Latino markets in the United States and abroad.

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“Marcela has a deep passion and knowledge for the Marketing industry and she provides a diverse perspective to all her clients.

I would recommend Marcela's expertise and services to anyone and hope to work with her again in the future.”

--Angie Burke Droz--

Marketing Director, Communications and Corporate Event Planner

HMG Services

Hispanic Marketing Consulting

Public Relations


Digital Marketing

Media Planning


“We consider Marcela to be a valued partner and a key factor in our firm's successful efforts to reach the Hispanic market.”

--Wayne Edwards--

Advertising & Public Relations

Partial List of Clients

• AIG (American International Group)





• HCA (Hospital Corporation of America)






• NASHVILLE NEXT (Metro Planning Department)

• nMOTION2015 (MetroTransit Authority)
















• TLACC (Tennessee Latin American Chamber of Commerce)

• TPAC (Tennessee Performing Arts Center)


“Marcela is well connected to and understands how to market to the U.S. Hispanic populations, she is knowledgeable,

patient and her follow thru is impeccable. Her professional approach, thorough understanding of client’s goals and objectives

has been invaluable in helping clients market to a very specialized consumer. Marcela is the friendliest,

most professional, ethical leader in town!”

--Leigh Kelly Lindsey--

Account Supervisor at McNeely, Pigott and Fox Public Relations

Marcela Gómez and Associates

Marcela Gómez & Associates, serves clients in various industries

with marketing consulting, public relations strategies, and brand

licensing opportunities.

Partial list of clients:








• VTM 2020

“Marcela is a knowledgeable and effective communicator who is passionate about her work.”

--Rob Robinson--

Director/Senior Manager, Diversity & Inclusion, Nissan North America

The Culture Shift Team

Marcela Gómez is a member of the Culture Shift Team. The Culture Shift Team is a consortium of consultants, trainers and speakers who provide organizations with a lens to better understand opportunities in the areas of global business acumen, multicultural growth, diversity and inclusion, and creativity and innovation. Powered by ProLingua Inc, we are a team of top thinkers and top doers who partner with organizations who are taking the necessary steps to maintain relevancy in non-traditional, multicultural markets, whether in the Multicultural USA or expanding across borders.

Philanthropic Endeavors

Left: Marcela at the launch ceremony of VIVA Broadway in NY in 2012. Right: Marcela with Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam at a TLACC Networking lunch in 2013.

Ms. Gómez is involved and committed to the following civic, business and philanthropic organizations.

She currently serves in the following non-profit organizations:

• Chairman of the Board and President of the Tennessee Latin American Chamber of Commerce

• Board of Directors of the Nashville Film Festival

• Board of Directors of Studio Tenn

• Board of Directors of FUTURO

• Board of Ambassadors of Conexión Américas

• Board of Advisors of VIVA Broadway

Master Plan Committee of the TPAC (Tennessee Performing Arts Center)

• Commissioner of the Metropolitan Government Human Relations Commission

“The best day I ever had in Nashville was the day I met Marcela. She created an effective marketing plan for our new company.

We loved all her suggestions. She knows Nashville and the Hispanic market everywhere better than anyone I know.

Marcela implemented numerous campaigns for us - all on time and flawless! She is a delight to work with.

Her positive attitude and passion for what she does is apparent in all that she does.”

--Julie Dodd Thomas--

Consultant. Business Development. Product Development.

Marcela is also the host of the only Spanish-language television show in a major network in Nashville, “Panorama”, a 30-minute monthly show that highlights the city of Nashville, Latino business leaders, and entrepreneurs members of the Latino communities in Middle Tennessee.

About Marcela Gómez

A visionary and hands-on entrepreneur, Ms. Gómez has produced revenue opportunities for clients in automobile, consumer packaged goods, education, utilities, financial services, government agencies, hospitality, healthcare, sports, publishing, entertainment, technology and telecommunications. She has secured licensing agreements and strategic partnerships in both marketing and manufacturing. An advertising and TV production graduate of Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Colombia, South America, Ms. Gómez is exceptional at generating business solutions across cultures and national borders.


Ms. Gómez is the proud mother of filmmaker Esteban Pedraza a graduated of NYU with a degree in Film and Television Production. A native of Bogotá, Colombia has resided in Nashville, TN since 1994.

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Full Biography

In 2002 Marcela Gómez founded Hispanic Marketing Group in Nashville, Tennessee, after working six years with Thomas Nelson Publishers as marketing director for their Spanish-language publishing division. Gómez has 25 years’ experience developing marketing, advertising and public relations strategies to help companies reach the growing Hispanic markets in the United States and_abroad.


“To connect effectively with the diverse and continuously changing Hispanic markets, you have to know who they are, how they think, what they need and want and how to prefer to receive communication. With my background and experience, I have established myself as the go-to resource for companies that wish to reach and serve the Hispanic markets,” Ms. Gomez said.


A native of Bogotá, Colombia, Marcela has worked with packaged goods companies, universities, public utilities, consumer, corporate, nonprofit and business-to-business clients in industries, such a wireless, sports, transportation, education, government, banking and finance, food, healthcare, and the arts. She plays a key role in the development of marketing, communications and grassroots campaigns, from conception and brand development to production.


A frequent speaker on the subject of reaching the U.S. Hispanic market and personal branding, Ms. Gómez has presented to organizations such as the Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association, the United States Department of Agriculture, The YMCA, CABLE, Belmont University Women’s Leadership Conferences, Nashville’s Economic Entrepreneur Summit, National Association of Women Business Owners, Nashville Downtown Rotary, American Marketing Association and many more.


Ms. Gómez founded Hispanic Marketing Group (HMG), in response to the need she saw in Nashville, Tennessee for accurate marketing and communication strategies between organizations and one of the fastest growing Hispanic populations in the United States. Today HMG is the leading full service bilingual and bicultural marketing and communications agency in Tennessee, and provides strategic counsel and services to consumer, corporate, nonprofit and other clients.


“I remember driving around Nashville in early 2002 and seeing a billboard on Nolensville Pike, which is where most Latinos whose preferred language is Spanish, the billboard said in Spanish ‘Llame al 911’, (Call 911). That caught my attention, because unless you had been born in the United States or had been raised here, you would not know why the billboard was telling you to call 911. That number is unique to the United States to call the police, so it doesn’t mean anything to us, unless you say, “To call the police, call 911”. Ms. Gomez said.


In 2015 the NFL through the Tennessee Titans awarded Ms. Gomez with the Hispanic Heritage Leadership Award. That same year Marcela was nominated and elected to be in the 2016 class of Leadership Nashville. In 2014 Ms. Gómez was elected president and chairman of the board of directors of the Tennessee Latin American Chamber of Commerce, after serving on the board since 2009. “One of my biggest passions is helping people to grow and succeed along the path that they have chosen for themselves, and that’s why I’m passionate about TLACC,” Gómez said. “That’s precisely what we do as a chamber, both for the Latino workforce and entrepreneurs in Tennessee and for the businesses who want to connect with us.”


In 2014 Gómez was asked to join the Culture Shift Team, a consortium of consultants, trainers and speakers who provide organizations with a lens to better understand opportunities in the areas of global business acumen, multicultural growth, diversity and inclusion, and creativity and innovation. Powered by ProLingua Inc, Ms. Gómez is one of the leading top thinkers and top doers who partner with organizations who are taking the necessary steps to maintain relevancy in non-traditional, multicultural markets, whether in the Multicultural USA or expanding across borders.


In 2013 Ms. Gómez was a founding partner of Catalyst Brands Group. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Catalyst Brands Group is an experienced licensing agency serving fledgling, aspiring and underdeveloped brands. As an advocate for brands with hidden potential, Catalyst works collaboratively with clients to develop strategic plans, identify viable licensees, navigate the complexities of licensing programs and develop products. We measure success by including numerous aspects of brand performance while under our stewardship.


In 2011 the U.S. Small Business Administration District Office in Tennessee presented Ms. Gomez the Tennessee Advocate Award for assisting entrepreneurs in marketing, counseling and financing.


Also in 2011, Ms. Gómez was one of the 25 Most Beautiful People in Nashville by the Nashville Lifestyle Magazine. In 2007, Ms. Gómez won as one of the 30 Women of Influence by The Nashville Business Journal. The Nashville Post identified Hispanic Marketing Group as one of “25 Emerging Companies in Nashville” and the Nashville Business Journal three years in a row named the firm as a finalist in the emerging business category for its “Best in Business Awards.”


In 2008 Ms. Gómez was instrumental in establishing a joint venture between Nashville-based Zycron, Inc. and Productora de Software Latin America (PSL), a world-renowned software provider in Colombia to form Zycron Latin America, adding more than 300 employees while creating new account executive and project management jobs in the U.S. at its existing locations in Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga and Dallas.


She also establishes partnerships with advertising and public relations firms that need her knowledge on behalf of their clients. In 2006 and 2007 she led the Hispanic marketing and public relations campaign for several international soccer matches between professional teams from the United States and Mexico, which were held in Nashville and Charlotte, NC.


In 2005, Ms. Gómez partnered with Choice Food of America to create Diversity Brands, LLC to conceptualize brand and product extensions for some of the most recognized names in sports and entertainment, such as Mayberry’s Finest Brand Foods based on The Andy Griffin Show.


Ms. Gómez, who earned an undergraduate degree in advertising and in Television Production from Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano in Bogotá, began her career with Editorial Unilit in Miami, the organizer of the industry’s only Spanish publishing religious trade show. From 1996 to 2002, she worked in the Spanish division of Thomas Nelson Publishers where she produced marketing and sales videos for authors and new products.


In addition, Ms. Gómez is involved in the Nashville civic, business, and philanthropic communities. She currently serves in the following organizations:

• Tennessee Latin American Chamber of Commerce (BOD, 2009); (VP of the BOD, 2014); (President and Chairman of the BOD, 2014);

• Tennessee Performing Arts Center Master Planning Committee Member (2015)

• Conexión Américas Board of Ambassadors (2014);

 • National Hispanic Advisory Board of the Broadway League,


Ms. Gómez has also served on the boards of directors of:

• Board of Governors of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce (2004-2010)

• Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association (BOD,


• Metro Council of the Nashville Municipal Auditorium (2003 – 2009)

• YMCA Latino Achievers (Advisory Board 2010-2014)

• Nashville International Cup (BOD, 2011-2013)

• Skanska Diversity Council (2011-2012)

• Celebrate Nashville 200 Years Mayor Purcell’s Steering  (2006);

• Communications Committee for the Music City Convention Center (2006);

• The Pencil Foundation (2006 - 2008)

• Our Kids (2006 - 2008)

• YWCA (2003-2005)

• Oasis Center (2008-2009)

• Center for Non-profit Management (2003-2006)

• Conexión Américas – (2002-2003); president- (2004-2006)

• CABLE (2003-2005)

• By Scouts of America – Middle TN Council Hispanic Project Committee (2003);

• Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce Small Business Council (2003 – 2007)

• Advisory Board of Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum (2003 - 2004).


Ms. Gómez was also named by Mayor Bill Purcell to serve in the Metro Council of the Nashville Municipal Auditorium in 2003 and to serve in the steering committee of the Celebrate Nashville 200 Years events in 2007.

Gómez has lived in Nashville, Tennessee since August 1994. Her only son, Esteban graduated in May 2013 from New York University with a degree in Film and Television Production and is now founding partner at Movie Time Picture Company based in New York City.


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Speaking Engagements

Marcela with Stella Parton and Dolly Parton at the Red Tent Conference in 2014, for which Ms. Gómez was one of the guest speakers.

Marcela Gómez is an inspirational and motivational speaker, who's often ask to speak to a variety of groups. Her topics cover a broad spectrum, from: "Becoming the Woman of Your Dreams", "How to Brand Yourself" to specific topics like, "How to Culturally Communicate with Latinos" and "How to Market to the Diverse Latino populations."

These are some of the organizations and events that Marcela has been invited to speak at:

• Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association

• The United States Department of Agriculture, Tennessee Summit

• The YMCA of Middle Tennessee

• CABLE (Women's organization)

• Belmont University Women’s Leadership Conferences

• Nashville’s Economic Entrepreneur Summit

• National Association of Women Business Owners, Nashville Chapter

• Nashville Downtown Rotary

• American Marketing Association, Nashville Chapter

• National Hispanic Professionals Organization, Memphis Chapter

• The Red Tent Conference

• The University of Utah Business Summit

• Listen to Your Mother, Nashville and many more

“Marcela is a gem and is very instrumental in networking and connecting not only organizations, but qualified talent as well.

She also continues to play a key role in working with Nissan North America as they continue to develop

key marketing initiatives within the Hispanic/Latino market.”

--Felicia Johnson--

Senior Manager Diversity and Inclusion


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